How to Draw A Pitbull – A Step by Step Guide

Pitbull Drawing in just 8 Easy Steps!

The pitbull is one of the most tenacious and powerful dog breeds you can find. Because of this, they have earned a reputation of being vicious and dangerous.

While their strength makes them powerful, it’s a reputation that is not necessarily true to how pitbulls really are if trained properly.

Many people see the good side of these wonderful dogs, and many also want to know how to draw a pitbull to represent their love of this great breed.

This step-by-step guide on how to draw a pitbull will have you drawing one of these canine powerhouses in no time!how to draw pitbull in 8 steps

How to Draw A Pitbull – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1pitbull drawing step 1

You will be starting off with the top of the head and the ears in this first step of our guide on how to draw a pitbull.

The top of the head is created with a curved line, and then the ears will flob down with sharp points at the side of the head, as seen in the reference image.

You can also add some curved lines next to the ears as the start of the sides of the pitbull’s face.

Step 2 – Next, draw the rest of the head outlinepitbull drawing step 2

Building on from what you drew in the previous step, you can complete the head outline for your pitbull in this step.

First, use a curved line extending from the inner sides of the face that you drew to make some cheeks for your pitbull.

Then, use some more curved lines to create the thick muzzle of your pitbull, and then finish it off with the bottom of the mouth underneath.

Step 3 – Now, draw the first leg of the pitbullpitbull drawing step 3

Pitbulls have short but very stocky bodies, and we shall start to draw that in this step of our guide on how to draw a pitbull.

For now we will be drawing the shoulder and leg on the left-hand side of the drawing. The leg will be quite thick and squat, and you can add three short toes at the end of it as well.

Then, once the leg is drawn you can use a curved line for the chest of the pitbull, as it appears in the reference picture.

Step 4 – Next, draw another leg and the tail of your pitbull drawingpitbull drawing step 4

You’ve drawn one leg for your pitbull drawing, so now you can add another in this step. This leg will go on the other end of the chest that you drew in the previous step.

It will look very similar to the other leg you drew but will be mirrored to it.

Finally, you can draw the back of the pitbull coming down from the head and then give it a short tail attached to this.

Step 5 – Now, add the last two legspitbull drawing step 5

You only have two more legs to add in this guide on how to draw a pitbull, so we shall add them now! These will be the back legs, and because they are further away they will appear much smaller.

They will also be much closer together than the front legs are, and they will connect to the line for the back and to the underbelly, as shown in the reference picture.

Step 6 – Next, draw a nose for your pitbull drawingpitbull drawing step 6

This step of your pitbull drawing should be quite a simple one! All you need to do is draw a nice big nose in the center of the muzzle.

Then once you have that nose drawn you can add some dots to either side of it for the whiskers. The last part of this step is to add some small, sharp teeth to the mouth,

Step 7 – Next, draw the eyes and final detailspitbull drawing step 7

We shall finish off some final details before moving on to the last step of this guide on how to draw a pitbull. The main thing to add is the eyes, and these will be fairly small and far apart.

Luckily, their small size and simplicity makes them easier to draw! Once the eyes are drawn, there are just a few more details to add.

You can draw some lines down from the eyes for some added facial details, and then you can draw some curved lines over the eyes. Finally, draw some more straight lines on the forehead to finish off your pitbull drawing.

Those are the final details we added, but be sure to add any more of your own that you would like!

Perhaps you could draw a nice background to really finish off this picture.

Step 8 – Now finish off your pitbull with some colorpitbull drawing step 8

Now you can have some fun as you color in your amazing pitbull drawing! We used a light brown color scheme for our image, and while that is one approach you can take, you should feel free to use any colors you choose.

Pitbulls can come in all manner of different color schemes, so that gives you many options when coloring! How will you finish off your pitbull drawing?

5 Tips To Make Your Pitbull Drawing Even Better!

Make your canine friend look even better with these handy tips!

We showed you how to draw this pitbull in a simple standing pose, but you could also change this!

Once you have the hang of this pitbull drawing, you could draw it lying down, running or in any other positions you can think of.

You could change the pose very easily just by changing a few details such as the position of the legs and head.

Another way you can make this pitbull sketch even better is by adding some accessories. These could be as simple as a collar, but they could also include adding a ball or chew toy.

Those are just a few ideas, but we’re sure you can think of many more things you can add to this picture to give this cute dog some stuff to interact with.

Once you have drawn this pitbull, you can also add some more doggy pals for it to interact with. These could also be some pitbulls, or you could add some different dog species.

You could look up some pictures of dogs, or if you have a dog in the house you could use it as a model! What favorite dog breeds would you like to add for this pitbull to be friends with?

It’s always fun to design and draw a background, as we think it would make this drawing of a pitbull even better.

These backgrounds could include a dog park, a house setting or any other places this dog could be hanging out. What are some settings that you can think of for this page?

You can also make this pitbull sketch even more unique by adding some color details. Pitbulls can have different fur colors, and some even have markings on their fur.

You could experiment with some of these for this pitbull. Then, why not try out some cool art tools and mediums to make the colors take on a whole new look?

We can’t wait to see what colors and markings you use!

Your Pitbull Drawing is Complete!

That brings us to the end of this step-by-step guide on how to draw a pitbull!

This drawing may have seemed like it would be very difficult to draw at first, but when you have steps to follow and take it slow you’ll usually find that it is easier than you expected!

We really hope that this guide was not only very helpful but also lots of fun for you to work through! Now it’s up to you to finish bringing your drawing to life.

Whether you do this with some extra details, a beautiful background or with the colors and art mediums you use, we have no doubt you’ll end up with an incredible drawing!

The drawing fun continues on our website where we have lots of amazing drawing guides for you to enjoy!

We also upload new guides all the time, so be sure to check in frequently to never miss out on the fun!

Once your pitbull drawing is finished and colored in, we hope that you will share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages!

We always love to see your incredible creativity on display and can’t wait to see your amazing pitbull drawing!how to draw a pitbull in 8 easy steps

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