Pumpkin Candy Preschool Math Printable

Now that my preschooler is pretty versed with recognizing and counting numbers up to twenty, I’ve started to introduce addition to her. Using counting manipulatives is a perfect way to help introduce addition to preschoolers. Not only is it great for fine motor skills having them grip the objects and move them around, but it also gives them a great visual of addition. Our creative preschool theme this week is all about pumpkins so it was a great excuse to buy some fun pumpkin candy and use them with our pumpkin candy preschool math printable to practice addition facts with my daughter.
pumpkin candy preschool math printable 3

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Supplies you will need:

1. Print the Pumpkin Candy Preschool Math Printable. Cut out the number cards and addition card. Tape the addition card onto the table so it doesn’t move around while you play. Lay out 12 pumpkin candies, the dice and number cards.
pumpkin candy preschool math printable 2


2. Have your preschooler roll the dice. Place the dice at the top of the addition card and use them to make an addition problem with your pumpkins. Preschoolers count each dice and place that many pumpkins in the space on the printable.

pumpkin candy preschool math printable 5


3. Now solve the addition problem. I would say the problem out loud like “Let’s solve the addition problem. Two plus five equals…” and then she would count all the pumpkins to find the answer. Once she solved the problem, she found the answer in the number pile and placed it on the printable after the equals sign. We then repeated the addition problem again with the answer.


pumpkin candy preschool math printable 4


4. Continue playing for as long as your preschooler stays engaged and excited about the game. After a few times of me reciting the addition problem for her, she was able to play independently and recite the problem by herself.


This is great for preschoolers to play independently or with a small group. You can also use any type of counting manulative you have on hand like beans, pennies or buttons. Another fun idea is to rotate the manipulatives each month according to the season or holiday to keep the activity fresh for preschoolers.


pumpkin candy preschool math printable


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