Super Cute Foam Cup Bee Craft

This super cute foam cup bee craft makes a perfect kids craft for spring or summer time, or when learning all about bees.

I feel the same way about foam cups as I do about paper plates. You can pretty much make any kind of animal you can think of out of them. Our collection of foam cup crafts keeps growing and our latest is this fun bee craft.

Close up image of bee craft made out of a foam cup.

How to Make a Foam Cup Bee Craft

While we made this craft with foam cups because it’s what we had on hand, you can make it with any type of paper cup. In fact, using paper cups is actually better for the environment. Something to keep in mind when shopping for your craft supplies.

Read our instructions below to learn how to make your own cute bees from cups.

Supplies needed to make this easy bee craft:

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Instructions for creating this foam cup craft

1. Start by painting the outside of your foam cup with your yellow paint. Let it dry. Then use your black paint to paint black stripes on your bee. Our cups had little ridges on it and we just painted all of the ridges black. Let the paint dry completely on your foam cups.

2. Glue your googly eyes onto your foam cup and draw a smile with your pink marker.

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close up image of two foam cup bee crafts for kids to make

3. Cut bee wings out of your wax paper and glue them onto the sides of your foam cup.

4. Finish your foam cup bee craft by cutting your white pipe cleaner in have, curl one end on each piece and poke them down into your foam cup to make antennae.

vertical image of bee craft with the words "foam cup bee craft" in the top right corner
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