How to Make a Paper Dragonfly Craft

So far this spring we’ve had fun creating paper butterflies, bees and ladybugs. Now I am super excited to add this paper dragonfly craft to our growing insect collection.

How to Make a Paper Dragonfly Craft

One of my favorite things about dragonflies is their sparkly wings and we’ve included that in our dragonfly design by using colorful glitter glue on the wings. The end result is colorful and oh so fun!

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Supplies needed for your paper dragonfly craft:

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Instructions for making the dragonfly craft:

1. Begin by purchasing and downloading the template from my shop. If you don’t want to purchase the template you can draw and cut out your own dragonfly body and wings. Print out the dragonfly body template on turquoise or red cardstock and the wings template on white cardstock.

2. Cut out the pieces of the template. Bend the wings in half and then set the pieces aside for a moment.

3. Cut long, thin triangle shapes out of your green cardstock to make tall grass. Glue them along the bottom of your light blue cardstock.

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4. Add glue to the back of your dragonfly bodies and glue them on your blue cardstock. We arranged them with one flying behind the tall grasses and one flying in front of the grasses.

5. Add glue to the back of the folded dragonfly wings and glue them onto your paper dragonflies.

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6. Add googly eyes to each of your paper dragonflies.

7. To add some sparkle to your dragonfly wings, squirt a line of iridescent glitter glue in the center of each wing. Then use a paintbrush to spread the glitter glue around the entire wing.

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Your paper dragonfly craft is complete!

When you hang your picture up notice how the front wings pop off the page giving your paper craft a fun 3D effect.

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