Bald Eagle Day & Craft

A couple weekends ago it was Bald Eagle Day in Utah. There were five different locations throughout the State that you could go to view Bald Eagles.  There were spotting scopes set up on Bald Eagles to get a good look and we arrived just in time to see a captive Eagle on display.

I didn’t have the right zoom to capture good images but my brother got some great pictures.

The Eagle landing in front (pictured below) was carrying a fish. Super cool!

Bald Eagle Day is a yearly event in Utah held in February, so you should definitely check it out next year if you live in the State. It’s completely free and it gives children the opportunity to be out in nature.

I saw this great Bald Eagle craft from and knew it was just perfect to go along with Bald Eagle Day.

This project is so simple. You will need to purchase a small package of Kids Crafts brand white and brown feathers from Walmart and you’ll need a piece of white, brown and yellow foam sheets.

You can find detailed directions on how to make the craft HERE.

We couldn’t end our Bald Eagle fun without reading a story, now could we! We picked up Eaglet’s World by Evelyn Minshull.

It is a cute story about a Bald Eagle who from the time he is still in the egg, is reluctant to take each new step in his growth, until the day comes when he flies and sees the beautiful world beyond his parents’ nest.

Happy Crafting!!

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