Fall Pop Up Tree Card – Easy Paper Craft for Kids!

Celebrating the gorgeous colors of the fall season is a great reason to make some colorful pop up cards for someone you adore. This simple fall pop up tree card is easy for kids to make and is sure to bring a big smile to the recipient.

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When I think of the fall season I think of apple trees full of ripe apples for picking at the beginning of the season and then bright red, orange and yellow leaves. You can make your pop up tree card with either option.

Read our simple how-to instructions for making this easy fall craft below, and make sure to catch our full video tutorial near the bottom of this post.

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How to Make a Fall Pop Up Tree Card

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Supplies needed for making Pop Up Card

Instructions for making Fall Tree Card

Step 1: Begin by folding your green card stock paper in half width-wise. Use a pair of scissors to cut two slits in the middle of the folded side of the card 1-inch apart from each other. Then cut two more sets of slits on each side of the center section.

Step 2: Fold down and crease the three sections along the folded edge of the card that were created by cutting the slits.

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Step 3: Carefully open up the green cardstock again. Invert the sections of paper you just folded down and close your card again along the fold lines . When you open the card, the inverted sections should stand upright in the crease of the card making the pop out for your trees.

Step 4: Cut the top section off the top half of the pop up card, about 1-inch above the top of the pop out sections.

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Step 5: Fold your blue cardstock paper in half to make the outside of your pop up card. With your green card section folded in half, add glue to the back of the top half. Line up the two creases of the green and blue cardstock with each other (with the blue on the outside) and press it together to adhere the green section to the blue cardstock.

Step 6: Flip the card over and add glue to the other half section of the green cardstock and then adhere it to the blue cardstock behind it.

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Step 7: Use a 3-inch circle punch to cut out five circles from fall colored cardstock like reds, oranges and yellows.

If you don’t have a circle punch you can simply freehand circles about 3-inches in diameter.

Step 8: Cut out five rectangle tree trunks from your brown cardstock. You can choose to make them all the same size or make them different sizes to add extra dimension to your pop up tree card.

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Step 9: (optional) If you want to create apple trees for your pop up card, use a hole punch to punch out small circles from red cardstock. Then glue the red apples onto five green trees.

Step 10: Add glue on the tree trunk of one of your trees. Then glue it on the top half of the pop up card between two of the pop out sections. Glue a second tree on the top sides of the card.

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Step 11: Add glue on the back of the final three trees. Glue them on each of the pop out sections of the card. Top to bottom, the colorful pop up card is gorgeous!

Your fall pop up tree card is complete

Use markers to add a message at the bottom of the card. Something like “Happy Fall” or “Wishing you the happiest Fall Season” are cute. Then your card is ready to give to someone special.

When the recipient opens the card a grove of colorful fall trees will pop out at them. It’s sure to bring a huge smile to someone’s face.

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Video Tutorial: How to Make a Colorful Pop up Card this fall season

Watch the video below for a step by step guide on how to make this easy pop up tree card.

Find more fun and easy fall crafts by browsing the categories at the top menu bar of our website. Make sure to come back throughout the season because I see a new pop up Christmas card in the works soon.

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