Creative Craft Stick Robot Craft

Robots are a classic, fun kids craft! We’ve enjoyed making them with newspaper recently and last year we had fun making sponge painted robots. This week we put our creative minds to work and designed robots out of craft sticks. Oh my, it was sooo much fun! By the time we were finished with our craft stick robot craft, my daughter and I had each made three. It’s hard to resist making more than one because seriously, they are so much fun!

[This craft was originally posted on March 9, 2017.]

craft stick robot craft

How to Make a Craft Stick Robot Craft

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1. Begin by laying out your jumbo craft sticks, regular size craft stick and mini craft sticks. Use a jumbo craft stick as the base for your robot. Arrange the different craft sticks on top of your jumbo craft stick to design your robot. Play around for a bit because there are are so many different ways you can design your robot.

craft stick robot craft 4

2. After you have decided on your robot design use your tacky glue to glue the craft sticks down onto the jumbo craft sticks. Let the glue dry completely.

3. Paint your craft stick robot craft with metallic silver paint. Set it aside for the paint to dry completely.

craft stick robot craft 6

4. After your paint is dry, glue googly eyes onto your robot. Then add embellishments to your craft stick robot craft like pony bead buttons or a glitter stick antennae. This is completely open-ended so design your robot however you want.

craft stick robot craft 7

5. Finish your craft stick robot craft by drawing a mouth on it with your black permanent marker. They turned out so colorful and fun!

Try combining this craft stick robot craft with a fun book:

craft stick robot craft 9

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craft stick robot craft 8

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