Number vs. Letter Activity

I’ve been pretty excited to dive into the Rainy Day Package I received for free from Craft Project Ideas. I already am a huge fan of their products and buy them regularly at Wal-Mart but I was excited that they sent me some products I had never used before.

Like these Foam Cube Stamps. On them is all 26 uppercase letters and numbers 0-9. I decided I wanted to play a little game with my preschooler using these stamps called Numbers vs. Letters.

Since we are learning about birds right now, I couldn’t resist adding in a bird twist to the game, so I started by cutting out 2 large eggs, one labeled “Letters” and one labeled “Numbers”. Then I taped them on my lovely white walls. ha!

I also printed off each capital letter of the alphabet and number 1-12 and cut them out into little eggs. I made a little bird nest for them to sit in out of some shredded brown paper (I used a lunch sack).

My son picked an egg out of the nest, read it to me, and then decided if it was a number or a letter.

Then he found the corresponding stamp and stamped the letter or number on the right egg.


This game was a little messy, but it was fun for my preschooler! At first he kept smearing the stamps but soon got the hang of it and learned how to use the stamps really well. After we had gone through all the eggs in the nest we went through each egg on the wall finding all the letters from A to Z and all the numbers from 0-12.

Happy Crafting!

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