Ice Fishing for Letters

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My preschooler had fun ice fishing for letters the other day. This is such a simple project and is so great for reviewing letters, numbers, shapes, pretty much anything.
Here was our set up:

I purchased a roll of white wrapping paper at the dollar store and cut off a sheet to make my ice. I taped it to the floor to secure it. You could easily just tape white paper together to make the ice also. For the water hole, I taped 4 sheets of blue construction paper together and then cut out a circular shape. I used double stick tape to attach it to my ice.


I found some clipart HERE to make my fish. I added a paper clip near the gills so the magnet would attach to the fish. Here are all my letters in the fishing hole.


I set up a bucket on the ice for my son to place all his fish after he caught them. Any container will do.


To make the fishing pole I used an empty wrapping paper role left over from Christmas. I used a hole punch to make a small hole in the end and then tied a piece of string to it.


At the other end of the string, I hot glued a magnet to a paper clip and then tied it to the string.


Now it’s time to go fishing! Each time my son caught a fish, he had to tell me what letter it was before he could put it in his bucket.

DSC0118 2

We also did lower case letters as well.

Even though my first grader didn’t need a review with his letters, he also wanted a turn. He is currently working on passing off his subtraction facts at school so I thought it would be fun to turn subtraction flash cards into fish so he could practice them. There are so many possibilities with this.
Joyfully Weary recently did a smaller version of this project using a shoe box for the ice and a pencil for the fishing pole. It is FANTASTIC! She even created a printable of the flashcards that you can download. Make sure you stop by and check it out!
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