“-ck” Word Family Practice

I have a simple word family practice activity to share with you today. We are going to be learning about flowers and reading flower related books this coming week so I made this simple flower worksheet with “-ack”, “-ick” and “-ock” written on the inside of the flowers.
ck word family pratice
You can download the worksheet HERE.

After printing out the worksheet on cardstock paper, I laminated it with contact paper. Then I had my son use a dry erase marker to write words on all of the flower petals that corresponded with the ending that was inside the flower. I challenged and encouraged him to try to come up with at least one word per flower that used 2 consonant letters before the ending.


I love watching his brain think and hearing him run through all the letters in the alphabet trying to make words. We have also been working on our sh, th and ch sounds lately so I loved that when he was thinking about the 2 consonant words, he automatically thought of those sounds.



The best part about this worksheet is that after it’s completed, you simply wipe the dry erase marker off with a paper towel and can keep reusing it.Looking for more word family and sight word activities?


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