Use our free template to make these adorable gnome craft finger puppets. Fun Christmas gnome craft, garden gnome craft and winter kids craft.
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How to Make Gnome Finger Puppets

Use our free template to make these adorable gnome craft finger puppets. Add decorations to the hat to make them Christmas gnomes or leave them off to make a summer garden gnome craft.


  • Gnome Craft Template
  • red cardstock
  • white yarn
  • small tan pom-pom
  • 3/4-inch circle punch
  • scissors
  • Glue Dots
  • extra strength glue stick
  • snowflake punch (optional)
  • snowflake stickers (optional)


  • Begin by downloading and printing out the gnome craft template on red cardstock paper. Cut out the pieces of the template.
  • To make the gnome beard, wrap a strand of white yarn around four of your fingers in a line about 12 times. If a child is doing this I recommend wrapping the yarn around all five of their fingers. Carefully remove the yarn from your hand.
  • Grab a smaller strand of white yarn and tie it around the circle of white yarn, tying a knot. Use your scissors to cut the circle of white yarn in half, making sure to keep the knot in the middle. Trim the strands of the gnome beard to cut down any longer pieces and to shape the beard how you want.
  • Gather your gnome craft template pieces. Add glue to the bottom back of the larger template piece and glue the separate rectangle piece on the back. This helps thicken the finger puppet to add stability to it.
  • Use a 3/4-inch circle punch to punch out the finger holes on the front of the gnome craft template. Larger fingers might need a 1-inch circle punch.
  • Place a Glue Dot on the back of the gnome beard directly behind the knot in the beard. Attach the beard to the gnome template. Make sure the top of the beard is high enough to cover the knot of the beard.
  • Glue the gnome hat at the top of the gnome template covering the top of the beard.
  • Add a Glue Dot on the back of your tan pom-pom and attach it to your gnome craft, directly beneath the gnome hat.
  • Decorate the hat of your gnome craft with snowflakes to make him festive for the Christmas season.