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How to Make a Paper Bag Elf Craft

Kids will have a blast using our free template to create this cute paper bag elf craft this holiday season. Set him up on a shelf for a fun Christmas decoration.


  • elf craft template
  • white paper lunch bag
  • red, white, cream, black and yellow cardstock
  • red paint
  • sponge
  • clothespin
  • cotton balls
  • googly eyes
  • markers
  • newspaper
  • stapler
  • scissors
  • glue


  • Cut your sponge into a square shape. Attach it to a clothespin to make a sponge brush. Dip the end of the sponge in red paint and then stamp it onto your white paper lunch bag into a brick pattern, covering the entire front of the paper bag. Set it aside for the paint to dry completely.
  • Download and print out the elf craft template. Use the template to cut out the pieces on your colored cardstock. Cut out the elf hat, mittens and shoes on red cardstock. Then cut out the elf face on cream cardstock, or the skin color of your choice. Cut out the elf arms and legs on white cardstock. Finally, cut out the elf belt and belt buckle on black and yellow cardstock.
  • Fold the elf legs and arms into an accordion fold.
  • Glue the elf shoes at the bottom of the accordion fold legs. Then glue the elf mittens at the ends of the accordion fold arms.
  • Glue the red hat at the top of the elf face. Then glue googly eyes onto your elf face.
  • Use markers to draw a nose, mouth and hair on your elf face. 
  • Pull off pieces of cotton ball to add trim to the different pieces on your elf craft. Add glue to the top of the elf shoes and add a piece of cotton to it.
  • Add glue to the bottom of the mittens and add a piece of cotton to each of them. Then add glue to the ball and trim of the red hat and add a piece of cotton to the different sections.
  • When your painted paper bag is finished drying, glue the elf arms and legs on the sides and bottom of the paper bag.
  • Open up your paper bag and stuff it full of crumpled newspaper. Leave about 3 inches unstuffed at the top of the bag. Fold the two top ends of the paper bag down to create a triangle shape at the top of the bag. Use a stapler to close the stuffed paper bag shut.
  • Glue your belt and buckle in the middle of your painted paper bag. Then glue your elf face at the top of the paper bag.