Get crafty this holiday season by making a 3D Christmas Card. Learn how to make this DIY Christmas card with our helpful template, step-by-step tutorial and video.
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How to Make a 3D Christmas Card

Get creative this holiday season by making these colorful 3D Christmas Cards. Learn how to make this gorgeous card with our helpful template and step-by-step tutorial.


  • Christmas card template
  • blue and white cardstock
  • colored paper or scrapbook paper
  • Avery 3/4-inch round labels
  • embellishments (snowflake sequins, snowflake stickers)
  • white chalk marker (optional)
  • scissors
  • Elmer's extra strength glue stick
  • glue


  • Download the 3D Christmas Card template. Print it out and use it as a pattern to trace the different pieces on your colored paper or print the template directly on colored paper. 
  • Use your scissors to cut out the six Christmas trees, tree trunks and stars. Then carefully fold all of the Christmas tree pieces, tree trunk pieces and star pieces in half.
  • Use your extra strength glue stick to add glue to one side of one of your Christmas tree pieces. Then line up another Christmas tree on top of the glue. Continue gluing all the Christmas tree pieces together one on top of the other. Repeat this step using the tree trunk pieces and star pieces.
  • Cut a piece of blue cardstock in an 8 1/2-inch by 8 1/2-inch square. Fold it in half and then open it back up. Add glue to the back of the 3D Christmas tree, tree trunk and star and glue them along the inside folded seam of the open card.
  • Add ornaments to your Christmas tree by using Avery round stickers. Add the stickers to each different section of the 3D Christmas tree.
  • Cut a strip of white paper or cardstock to place at the bottom of your 3D Christmas card. Fold the white paper in half and then glue it at the bottom of your Christmas tree.
  • Add embellishments to your 3D Christmas Card like snowflake stickers, snowflake sequins, or draw snowflakes on with a white chalk marker.
  • Use markers or pens to write "Merry Christmas" or any holiday message on the front of your card. Then fold your card in half and place it in a large envelope for the recipient.