5 New Magical Unicorn Coloring Pages

Every unicorn fan knows that these legendary creatures resemble a horse with a spiraling horn on its head. This coloring page shows a unicorn’s head with a mane that is curly on top and straight on the bottom. There is a mosaic-like background with many different shapes behind it.

Unicorns are often shown next to celestial images like the sun, the moon, and the stars. This printable captures a trotting unicorn with a rainbow and stars that seem to be streaming from its back. Even the unicorn looks impressed by the rainbow.

Unicorns are free-spirited creatures. In fact, they are often used as a symbol of freedom in pop culture. We think our coloring page designers really captured the free spirit of unicorns with this printable of a unicorn with a long flowing mane standing in front of a bright sun.

The flowers in this coloring page grow in a complex design in the background and a unicorn trots in front of them with a happy look on its face. It has a very fluffy tail and the flowers in the background almost appear to be growing from its mane.

This unicorn looks very young. Perhaps it is still only a baby. It seems to have a lot of excited energy as it stands in front of a large bunch of fluffy clouds. Did you know that a baby horse is called a foal, but a baby unicorn is called a sparkle?


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